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Lesson Two: Hanwakan Blakie Whitecloud 143 Lesson Two: Hanwakan Blakie Whitecloud Activity: Careers in Filmmaking CURRICULUM CONNECTIONS Alberta, Northwest Territories and Nunavut: •Entrepreneurship 11 •Entrepreneurship 12 •Knowledge and Employability British Columbia and Yukon: •https://curriculum.gov.bc.ca/curriculum/adst/10/entrepreneurship-and-marketing •Career-Life Education Ontario: •Career Studies •Business Studies 9,10 •Business Studies 11,12 DURATION 1-2 hours OVERVIEW Throughout this lesson, students will explore jobs and careers in the film industry. Students will begin by completing a Quick Write in which they will describe their dream job. Next, students will watch Hanwakan Blakie Whitecloud's Fireside Chat interview where he discusses his journey becoming a filmmaker. Finally, students will brainstorm all the jobs and careers involved in the film industry and be assigned one to research the job description, level of education needed and salary range. The teacher will compile all the answers, so students have a master list describing the careers involved in the film industry! MATERIALS •Computer/Projector •Access to individual computer devices and the internet •"Film Industry Mini-Research Assignment" worksheet Arts ACTIVATE: QUICK WRITE Inform the class that we are going to start the lesson with a Quick Write. A Quick Write is an activ- ity where students quickly write whatever comes to mind about a topic you give them. Typically, students are allotted 3-5 minutes for this activity. Pose the question "What would your dream job be like?". Allow students 3-5 minutes to write either in point form or paragraph form whatever comes to mind. Some students will likely have specific jobs in mind that they will be describing, while others may be creating a dream job description. Once the time limit is up, solicit volunteers to share their answers with the class. Ask students to raise their hands if any of their Quick Writes included something about "fun". Inform the class that today we are going to be learning about Hanwakan Blakie Whitecloud's journey finding a career that he considers fun! ACQUIRE: HANWAKAN BLAKIE WHITECLOUD'S FIRESIDE CHAT INTERVIEW https://www.firesidechats.ca/video/hanwakan-blaikie-whitecloud Lesson Plan

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