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Lesson One: Diane Roussin 192 Lesson One: Diane Roussin Activity: Creating Social Change CURRICULUM CONNECTIONS Alberta, Northwest Territories and Nunavut: •Aboriginal Studies Grades 10-12 •English Language Arts Grades 10-12 •English Language Arts Grades 10, 11, 12: Uqausiliriniq Strand British Columbia and Yukon: •Contemporary Indigenous Studies Grade 12 •English Language Arts Composition Grades 10, 11, 12 Ontario: •First Nations, Metis, and Inuit Studies Grades 9-12 •English Language Arts Grades 9-10 •English Language Arts Grades 11-12 DURATION 3-4 Hours OVERVIEW Throughout this lesson, students will explore the concept of social change. First, students will engage in a carousel activity where they will move around the room while brainstorming and discussing specific actions people can take to create social change through advocacy, education, fundraising, volunteering, and creating. The hope is by seeing all the actions people can take to create social change, students will feel empowered! Next, students will learn from Indigenous community leader, Diane Roussin, where she talks about her passion for creating social change. Finally, students will work in pairs to complete a case study on Diane Roussin's social change initiative, The Winnipeg Boldness Project, where they will research and analyze one of her com- munity solutions. Students will present on the solution and teachers can use the "Case Study Presentation Rubric" to assess students research and analytical skills. MATERIALS •Computer/Projector/Internet •Chart Paper and Markers •"Creating Social Change: Case Study" worksheet •"Case Study Presentation Rubric" Community Development ACTIVATE: SOCIAL CHANGE CAROUSEL To begin, arrange the tables/desks into four stations. Provide a piece of chart paper and several markers at each station. Divide students into four groups and explain that today's lesson is all about ways to create social change. Inform students that they will have five minutes at each station to brainstorm as many examples as possible of specific actions to create social change through each of the following categories: advocate, educate, fundraise, volunteer and create. For example, to advocate for someone or something, people can write letters to their member of parliament. Or, to educate, people can create a pamphlet about a topic and distribute it to the community. Once the five minutes is up, students will move to the next station, and brainstorm ideas for the next category. Before they begin a new station, instruct students to first read what the previous group wrote to not duplicate their answers. Lesson Plan

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