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Lesson Three: Nooks Lindell 147 Lesson Three: Nooks Lindell Activity: Indigenous Creatives Mini-Research Assignment CURRICULUM CONNECTIONS Alberta, Northwest Territories and Nunavut: •Entrepreneurship 11 •Entrepreneurship 12 •Knowledge and Employability British Columbia and Yukon: •Entrepreneurship and Marketing 10 •Career-Life Education Ontario: •Career Studies •Business Studies 9,10 •Business Studies 11,12 DURATION 1-2 hours OVERVIEW Throughout this lesson, students will learn about the Inuit design company - Hinaani Designs - and learn from the creative lead and designer, Nooks Lindell. Students will have the opportunity to explore their website and then watch Nooks' Fireside Chat interview where he discusses the challenges of leaving his home community and how he uses art to balance his mental health. Finally, students will choose an Indigenous creative to research and create an artist profile poster on which will be displayed around the classroom as a source of inspiration and positive Indige- nous representation. MATERIALS •Computer/Projector •Access to individual computer devices and the internet •"Indigenous Creative Profile" worksheet Arts ACTIVATE: HINAANI DESIGNS WEBSITE EXPLORATION To begin the lesson, guide students through the Hinaani Designs website at https://www.hinaani.ca, or alternatively, allow students time to individually view the website on their personal devices. Ask students the following information: 1.Who are the people behind Hinaani Designs? 2.What does "Hinaani" mean? 3.What kind of art do they create? 4.What do you learn about their values? 5.What is your overall impression of their company? Inform students that next, they will hear from the creative lead and designer, Nooks Lindell. ACQUIRE: NOOKS LINDELL'S FIRESIDE CHAT INTERVIEW https://www.firesidechats.ca/video/nooks-lindell Nooks Lindell is the creative lead and designer at Hinaani Design, a collaboration of creative Lesson Plan

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