Create to Learn Unit 3, Lesson 1: Music Industry Basics

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Unit 3: Music and Recording CREATE TO LEARN Lesson 1: Music Industry Basics (Caid Jones) Unit 3: Music and Recording CURRICULUM CONNECTIONS British Columbia & Yukon • Entrepreneurship and Marketing 10 • Career-Life Education Alberta, Northwest Territories & Nunavut • Entrepreneurship 11 • Entrepreneurship 12 • Aboriginal Studies 10, 20, 30 • Knowledge and Employability • Special Projects 10, 11, 12 Ontario • Career Studies • Business Studies 9, 10 • Business Studies 11, 12 • First Nation, Metis and Inuit Studies 9-12 DURATION 1-2 Hours OVERVIEW Throughout this lesson, students will learn about Multiple Intelligence Theory and take a test to determine their top areas of interest or intelligence. Students will learn about the basics of what it takes to get into the music industry – from acquiring equipment, to distribution and publishing, building a strong team of like-minded people and working hard to achieve goals. Finally, students will self-reflect on their learning by writing a blog post. MATERIALS • Internet Connection • "Multiple Intelligence Inventory" PDF (print one for each student) found at: https://www. kerstens.org/alicia/planning10/Multiple%20Intelligences%20Inventory.pdf • "Blog Post Rubric" CREATE TO LEARN ACTIVATE: MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCES Begin the lesson by asking students if they know the definition of "intelligence". The most common response will be "being smart". From there, ask students if they can think of different types of intelligence. Common answers might include being smart in school, being street smart, being smart in business etc.…Solicit group responses. To further reinforce the idea that there are different areas of intelligence, explain how when thinking about intelligence, most people think of very smart people like Albert Einstein. However, what about athletes with extraordinary physi- cal abilities? Or musicians with exceptional musical talent? Next, inform students that they will be taking a survey to determine their dominate types of intelli- gence. Hand out the "Multiple Intelligences Survey" and allow students 15 minutes to complete it. Once students are done the survey, have them graph their results and answer the reflection questions. Go through each of the different types of intelligence with students, explaining what each one is and asking students to raise their hands if it was in their top three. Lesson Plan

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