International Youth White Paper on Climate Change - Education and Cities

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Introduction Climate change problems did not start with the large corporations of the world and national governments. Climate change started with people whose daily choices fed their power, production, and their popularity. It is going to take those same ordinary people to mitigate climate change. We, the youth of the globe, challenge cities, governments, schools, and individuals to adopt our effective ideas to combat climate change in creative and innovative ways. Through mitigation and adaptation we have the capability to overcome climate change. Youth will possibly play the biggest role in how the present and future societies address climate change, and so we - the youth representatives from Brazil, Canada, China, Columbia, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Mexico, Peru, Slovenia, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America - believe that more youth should be involved in discussions surrounding climate change, and be a crucial part of finding solutions. As our surveys indicate (see Appendix), we believe that we as citizens can have an impact, but we do not see our governments taking steps to address climate issues - and we would like to see a change. While acknowledging the inherent complexities, through the themes of equity and inclusion, education and updated curriculum, infrastructure, project based learning, and social media and communication, youth have become climate action leaders both locally and globally today. 2

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