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Lesson Two: Ashlee Foureyes 28 Lesson Two: Ashlee Foureyes Activity: EarSketch Coding CURRICULUM CONNECTIONS Alberta, Northwest Territories and Nunavut: •Aboriginal Studies Grades 10-12 •Information and Communication Technology Grades 10-12 British Columbia and Yukon: •Contemporary Indigenous Studies Grade 12 •Computer Programming Grade 11-12 •Computer Studies Grade 10 •Media Design Grade 10, 11, 12 •Web Development Grade 10 •Digital Communications Grade 11 Ontario: •First Nations, Metis, and Inuit Studies Grades 9-12 •Introduction to Computer Science Grades 10-11 •Introduction to Computer Programming Grade 11 •Computer Programming Grade 12 •Computer Science Grade 12 DURATION 2 hours OVERVIEW Note: We strongly suggest you familiarize yourself with the online coding program EarSketch before you begin this lesson. EarSketch is a free coding platform that teaches students core topics of computer science, music, and music technology. There are many lessons that the web- site oers In this lesson, students will explore the topics of software development, coding, Indigenous women in STEM, and software engineering. Students will participate in a KWLQ Medicine Wheel activity on the topic of software development and coding. The Medicine Wheel graphic organizer helps to depict that all learning - what we already know, what we want to know, what we have learned, and what we will learn in the future - is all connected and a continuous cycle. Students will watch Ashlee Foureyes' interview with Fireside Chats. Students will then use EarSketch to code a song! To save time and/or space, students may work individually or as a pair. Students will be assessed using a "Coding Song Project Rubric". MATERIALS •Computer Access for each student •KWLQ Medicine Wheel handout for each student •EarSketch - https://earsketch.gatech.edu/landing/#/learn •Resource - EarSketch Music Tutorial Guide: https://www.teachers.earsketch.org/earsketch-tutorials •"Coding Song Project Rubric" Computer Science ACTIVATE: KWLQ MEDICINE WHEEL To begin the lesson, instruct the students that today we will be looking at the education and career journey of Ashlee Foureyes, an Indigenous software development engineer. Hand out the KWLQ Medicine Wheel graphic organizer to each student. They will fill out half of the sheet now, and half after watching Ashlee's interview with Fireside Chats. Pose the question "What is software development and what is coding?". Instruct students that they will be filling out Lesson Plan

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