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Lesson One: Brianna Oversby 169 Lesson One: Brianna Oversby Activity: Found Art CURRICULUM CONNECTIONS Alberta, Northwest Territories and Nunavut: •Aboriginal Studies Grades 10-12 •Art 10,20,30 •School Health Program, Grade 9 •Career-Life Management British Columbia and Yukon: •Contemporary Indigenous Studies Grade 12 •Physical and Health Education 9 •Physical and Health Education Grade 10 Ontario: •First Nations, Metis, and Inuit Studies Grades 9-12 •Health and Physical Education 9-12 •Health and Physical Education Grades 9-12 •Personal Life Management Grade 12 DURATION 3-4 Hours OVERVIEW In this lesson, students will learn about using art to cope with life's challenges. Students will first engage in a gallery walk where they will view images from Indigenous artist Jobena Petonoquot's exhibit ""Rebellion of my Ancestors" where she uses common objects to create thought-pro- voking art about residential schools. Next, students will watch Indigenous educator Brianna Oversby's Fireside Chat video where she discusses her love of art and using art to cope with life's challenges. Finally, students will have the opportunity to create their own "found art" piece that represents overcoming challenges. Students will write a reflection describing their art and will be marked using the "Written Reflection" rubric MATERIALS •Computer/Projector/Internet •"Gallery Walk Images" •"Found Art" materials (students are responsible for finding items) •Written Reflection Rubric" Education ACTIVATE: GALLERY WALK Prior to the beginning of the lesson, print the "Rebellion of my Ancestors Gallery Walk" posters in colour and hang them around the room. Alternatively, have the class view the images online at https://www.dawsoncollege.qc.ca/art-gallery/exhibitions/ jobena-petonoquot-rebellion-of-my-ancestors/ Divide students into five groups. Inform them that they will be viewing and learning about "found art" created by Indigenous artist, Jobena Petonoquot. Explain that "found art" is a type of art that uses ordinary items found by the artist to create artistic designs. The examples from today's lesson all come from Indigenous artist Jobena Petonoquot's exhibit called "Rebellion of my Ancestors". Groups should be given 3-4 minutes to view the posters, discussing the items used, the designs created and their impact on viewers. What do you think each piece is represents? Do you like Lesson Plan

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