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Lesson One: Jessica Dumas 158 Lesson One: Jessica Dumas Activity: Exploring Beliefs about Money CURRICULUM CONNECTIONS Alberta, Northwest Territories and Nunavut: •Aboriginal Studies Grades 10-12 •Knowledge and Employability ELA10-4 •Career and Life Management •Fin1010: Personal Financial Management British Columbia and Yukon: •Contemporary Indigenous Studies Grade 12 •Foundations of Mathematics 11 •Workplace Mathematics 11 •Precalculus 11 •Accounting 11 •Accounting 12 Ontario: •First Nations, Metis, and Inuit Studies Grades 9-12 •Career Studies 10 •Busines Studies 9,10 •Entrepreneurship 11,12 DURATION 1-2 Hours OVERVIEW In this lesson, students will explore and transform their personal beliefs about money. Students will first engage in an agree/disagree activity, comparing their personal beliefs with the rest of the class. Next, students will learn from Indigenous life and business coach, Jessica Dumas, about her struggles, career and philosophy about money and finances. Finally, students will independently complete a workbook transforming their ideas about money and setting financial goals for the future. MATERIALS •Computer/Projector/Internet Access •Student Devices with internet •"Beliefs About Money Workbook" •Writing Utensils, Pencil Crayons, Markers Business and Entrepreneurship ACTIVATE: AGREE/DISAGREE ACTIVITY To begin this lesson, without giving any context, designate one side of the classroom as the "agree" side, and the opposite side as the "disagree" side. Have students gather in the middle of the class, and when you read out a statement, instruct them to move to the "agree" side if they agree with the statement or the "disagree" side if they disagree with the statement. Inform students there are no right or wrong answers, only personal opinions. After students have picked a side, you may want to ask a student from each side to volunteer why they chose the side they did. Statements: 1.Money is the source of all evil. 2.I can never have enough money. Lesson Plan

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