Create to Learn Unit 3, Lesson 3: How to Create a Portable Recording Booth

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Unit 3: Music and Recording CREATE TO LEARN ACQUIRE: HOW TO CREATE A PORTABLE RECORDING BOOTH (PATRICK KELLY) Have students read "How to Create a Portable Recording Booth" by Patrick Kelly found on pages 100 - 106 of the Create to Learn textbook. Alternatively, students can watch his lessons here: https://www.createtolearn.ca/tutorial/how-to-create-a-portable-recording-booth To debrief the reading, ask the class the following questions: 1. Why does Patrick say he decided to "make a long-term investment" in an at-home studio? 2. What characteristics should you keep in mind when you're looking to create a home recording booth? 3. What is the Rudegang Recording booth comprised of? 4. What were some challenges Patrick says he encountered? 5. What are some of Patrick's money saving tips? 6. What types of software and music recording options are there? What are some tips Patrick gives to learn to use different types of software? APPLY: COST COMPARISON AND RECORDING SESSION Inform students that a major tip for saving money is to complete a cost comparison before buying something expensive. Hand out the "Cost Comparison" worksheet and have students research the cost of the equipment required to create an at-home recording booth. Encourage students to use Patrick's tips on page 104 to find the best value for all the equipment they would need. Students will need internet access in order to find the best deals and most accurate costs to ship to their communities. Students will need to find at least three "quotes" for each item in order to compare and find the best deal. ASSESS: BLOG POST Once students complete the "Cost Comparison" worksheet, have them detail their findings in a blog post educating future musicians on how to find the best deals for music recording equipment and where. Remind students about the features of a blog post and how they will be assessed. Use the "Blog Post Rubric" to assess students' writing. Teachers have the option of setting up a free website to officially publish the blog posts, using their school website, or simply having students' hand in their blog reflections privately. TAKE LEARNING FURTHER If your school or organization doesn't have music recording equipment, have students fundraise for it! Students can plan and execute fundraising initiatives until the group has raised enough money to purchase the equipment.

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