Create to Learn Unit 2, Lesson 5: Graphic Arts

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Unit 2: Cultural Creations and Business CREATE TO LEARN ACQUIRE: "GRAPHIC ARTS" BY OVILA MAILHOT Have students read "Graphic Arts" by Ovila Mailhot, found on pages 158-182 of the Create to Learn textbook. To debrief the reading, ask the class the following questions: 1. How did Ovila learn his craft? 2. What program does Ovila use to create his rough sketches before he transfers them to Photoshop? 3. What tool does Ovila say saved him a lot of time? 4. How did Ovila say he learned about traditional art? Next, inform students that today they will be learning more about the ethics of Indigenous design. APPLY: READ AND RESPOND Distribute the article "Considerations and Best Practices in Indigenous Design" to each student (either digitally or in print). Have students independently read the article and respond to the following questions: 1. Which of the Vincent Designs from the Gallery Walk do you think is the most impactful and why? (3 marks) 2. What are the four design elements that are taught in design school? Define each of them (8 marks) 3. What does the article say about storytelling as it relates to authentic representation? (3 marks) 4. What is the charter called that serves to protect Indigenous designs? (1 mark) 5. How does Vincent Designs say their work ensures proper consultation and consent? (4 marks) 6. What are your final thoughts regarding Indigenous design? (1 mark) ASSESS: GRADING ARTICLE RESPONSES Mark the response questions for accuracy and completeness. In total, the responses are worth 20 marks

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