Create to Learn Unit 2, Lesson 1: Moccasin Making

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Unit 2: Cultural Creations and Business CREATE TO LEARN 5. What stands out to you about their work? Is the artwork more traditional or modern? 6. What type of advertising do they use? Some examples of Indigenous moccasin businesses to include: • Manitobah Mukluks • Whetung Ojibwa Centre ACQUIRE: "MOCCASIN MAKING" BY CARLY CHARTIER Have students read "Moccasin Making" by Carly Chartier, found on pages 57-70 of the Create to Learn textbook. Alternatively, students can watch her lessons here: http://www.tigurl.org/ moccasins To debrief the reading, ask the class the following questions: 1. What does Carly do as a full-time career? 2. What supplies are needed to make moccasins? 3. Why is it important to use strong thread? 4. Why is it important to use a knife and not scissors to cut the fur? APPLY: MOCCASIN MAKING If feasible, it is suggested that teachers provide an honorarium for a local Indigenous moccasin maker to lead the class through a moccasin making project. The purpose of this is twofold – to create economic opportunities for Indigenous moccasin makers in the community and to pass down local moccasin making techniques and traditions. Alternatively, the class can follow Carly's instructions to make a pair of moccasins. If students do not know how to hand stitch, show them this YouTube video prior to attempting to make the moccasins: Blanket Stitch How To at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9zegUYdPmg Once students can successfully blanket stitch, have them follow Carly's steps on how to make moccasins! ASSESS: SELF-ASSESSMENT Once students have finished making their pair of moccasins, have them complete a self-assess- ment by using the Moccasin Making Self-Assessment Rubric. Students will be self-assessing their professionalism including their work ethic, as well as their sewing skills and the quality of their final product. TAKE STUDENT LEARNING FURTHER To take student learning further, have students make moccasins for a fundraising event. Students can decide as a class what they want to fundraise for and then take the lead on organizing a fundraising sale! Students will have to learn to calculate the difference between gross sales and net profit in order to determine how much they need to sell, and at what price point, to break even as well as reach their fundraising goal. Students will also have to learn to get the word out about their sale by advertising in the local newspaper, social media and word of mouth!

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