Create to Learn Unit 3, Lesson 6: Podcasting

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Lesson 6: Podcasting with Jade Roberts CREATE TO LEARN Lesson 6: Podcasting with Jade Roberts Unit 3: Music and Recording CURRICULUM CONNECTIONS British Columbia and Yukon • Composition 10 • New Media 10 • Composition 11 • New Media 11 • Composition 12 • English Studies 12 • New Media 12 Alberta, Northwest Territories and Nunavut • Grade 11 and Grade 12 Entrepreneurship course • English Language Arts 10-1 • English Language Arts 20-1 • English Language Arts 30-1 Ontario • Business Studies Grade 9 and 10 • Information and Communication Technology in Business, Grade 9 or 10 • Media Arts Grade 11 and 12 • English Grade 10, Academic and Applied • English. Grade 1, University and College Prep • English, Grade 12 University and College Prep DURATION 3-5 Hours OVERVIEW Throughout this lesson, students will learn about podcasting. Students will listen to and analyze a podcast episode discussing purpose, format and special effects. Students will then plan and record their own podcast episodes interviewing each other about their experiences engaging in the music and recording unit! MATERIALS • Computers/devices with internet and internet access • "Podcast Episode Rubric" Handout ACTIVATE: POPULAR PODCASTS Inform students that today's lesson is all about podcasting. Ask students how they would define what a podcast is. A podcast is an audio show, much like a radio show except available to stream or download online. Podcasts can be made to entertain, tell a story, or educate an audience. Ask students what podcasts they listen to (or have listened to in the past). On the board, create a mind map of all the various podcasts students know of and their genres. Choose a podcast episode to listen to together as a class (see list below). After listening, dis- cuss the purpose of the podcast, the format of the episodes (interview style, storytelling, story re-enactment etc.…), the special effects used and the host's personality (ie. how does the host's personality connect with the audience?) Examples of podcasts created by Indigenous people include: Lesson Plan CREATE TO LEARN

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