Create to Learn Unit 3, Lesson 2: Song Writing 101

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Lesson 2: Song Writing 101 (Evan Redsky) CREATE TO LEARN Lesson 2: Song Writing 101 (Evan Redsky) Unit 3: Music and Recording CURRICULUM CONNECTIONS British Columbia and Yukon • English Language Arts Composition Grades 10, 11, 12 Alberta, Northwest Territories and Nunavut • English Language Arts Grades 10, 11, 12: Uqausiliriniq Strand Ontario • English Language Arts Grades 9-10 • English Language Arts Grades 11-12 DURATION 3-4 Hours OVERVIEW Throughout this lesson, students will analyze a variety of songs and examine elements such as mood, concept, figurative language and message. Students will learn about song writing basics from Evan Redsky, and then work to create their own original songs! MATERIALS • Internet Connection and Projector • "Brainstorming Web" Handout • "Song Rubric" ACTIVATE: SONG ANALYSIS The day prior to this lesson, assign students the task of emailing you their favourite songs of all time. It is up to the teacher if you want to set some ground rules such as not picking songs with too much swearing or inappropriate content. To begin this lesson, teachers are encouraged to play their favourite song for the class! Print out the lyrics so students can follow along. Spend some time listening to your favourite song and students' favourite songs and discuss the following: 1. What is the mood of the song? What emotion(s) is the artist evoking in listeners? 2. What is the concept of the song? What is the song about? 3. What types of figurative language are used (similes, metaphors, hyperboles etc.)? 4. What is the message of the song (usually found in the chorus)? 5. What are some reactions to the song? Do you like it? Why or why not? Inform the class that next they are going to learn about song writing from Indigenous singer/ songwriter Evan Redsky! ACQUIRE: SONG WRITING 101 BY EVAN REDSKY Have students read "Song Writing 101" by Evan Redsky found on pages 72 - 81 of the Create to Learn textbook. Alternatively, students can watch his lessons here: https://www.createtolearn.ca/tutorial/music-industry-basics To debrief the reading, ask the class the following questions: Lesson Plan CREATE TO LEARN

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