#Decarbonize 2021 Global Youth Manifesto

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GOAL 1: SECURE GLOBAL NET ZERO BY MID-CENTURY AND KEEP 1.5 DEGREES WITHIN REACH As youth, we demand that governments maintain a set schedule to report their progress towards their country's NDCs. They must set achievable milestones, as well as frequently chart their progress to remain accountable. "It's important that the country's government takes concrete action towards completing what was already put into legislation such as the moratorium on new coal and the switch to renewable energy." Carolin, Germany "There must be greater government participation and involvement, as they need to create actions that can be fulfilled according to their established goals, for which they must analyze the situations well and not simply turn a "blind eye" to the great impact of climate change." Andrea, Peru As youth, we demand worldwide distribution of solar power technology, as well as development assistance towards renewable energy transitions for those countries that may need it. Solar energy is one of the most widely accessible renewable resources across the globe. "Nowadays, taxes are one of the most significant obstacles when it comes to buying things in Brazil, and photovoltaic energy is one of those items. By reducing the taxes on photovoltaic energy, people would be able to purchase more sustainable energy sources, reducing the Brazilian carbon footprint on a national level. Also, it is fundamental that the government stimulates the people to buy solar panels, showing them how much money they would save and, most importantly, how much their carbon footprint would be reduced." Gabriel, Brazil As youth, we demand that governments and world leaders use their legislative power to enact concrete strategies for the preservation of nature, along with mitigation of the climate crisis. This includes eliminating subsidies for fossil fuels, implementing

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