#Decarbonize 2021 Global Youth Manifesto

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"The program leads young people to improve their leadership and it helps me to improve myself in many areas." Rosita, Peru "#Decarbonize has taught me that young people are so important to the fights that we want to win. But, much more than that, I've learned that it is important for me as a young person to participate meaningfully in every place I can. It has taught me to use my voice, talents, and platform to steer others into a place of better awareness and participation." Irene, Philippines "In #Decarbonize my voice matters, our voice is both collectively heard and individually valued. I have learnt that youth truly do have the power to instigate change, and that we are resilient enough to keep fighting." Nyla, USA "Decarbonize taught me that age is just a matter of perception. Even though we are teenagers we can change something, we do not need to wait until we are adults" Brooke, Australia All people need to change, in order to save the planet. In our opinion, #Decarbonize is a prime example of what every single person in the world should be doing. Discussion and learning is what sustains our project, as more people learn and hear what we have to say, the greater our legacy will be. "Decarbonize unites humanity and brings out the best in our collaborative skills as well as exposes our mind to our different worlds. To me, #Decarbonize means hope, for our environment and our civilization." Tiia, Estonia "The global leaders must turn their head and ears to us and pay attention to what we have to say." Preisianne, Malaysia Jeong Eun Son (Jes) | 15 Nairobi | Kenya

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