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Demonstration: A virtual demonstration can be any interactive, hands on experience which can be shared with the participating class. These sessions can include dance classes, guitar, science experiments, art lessons or improvisation. During these sessions, the students are actively engaged in the sessions. If any materials are required, it is important that the Connected North team be aware to ensure that the class has the proper equipment to participate fully. When planning a demonstration session, please consider: what space is available, (room to move? setup of materials), how will the activity translate to a virtual space and how to include the students in the action? Demonstrations typically last from 45 minutes to an hour. Q: What happens during a session? A: A Connected North session requires planning and sometimes practice in order to create a unique and engaging experience for the students. A typical session includes: 1 - Welcome from Connected North staff and introduction to presenter 2 - Short introduction from presenter which can include brief purpose of session, establishing video or photos (example, photos of museum, presenter at work, maps to show location in relation to the class) 3 - Presentation: the main part of the presentation will occur. The presentation should include media, short breaks to check for understanding and engage the students in discussion or activity (think-pair-share, discussion with elbow partner) 4 - Allow opportunities for the students to ask questions of the presenter or share what they have learned from the session. 5 - Session wrap up. 6 - The Connected North staff will thank the class and presenter and close the session. Your session description will need to outline what will happen in the session, how the students will be engaged and what activity the students will be doing during the session. 15

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