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Frequently Asked Questions Q: Can I use pre-recorded video? A: The Connected North program is designed to deliver live interactive sessions and not archives of pre-recorded videos. If you want to share a tour of a space (for example a gallery, museum, baseball stadium, university campus, a canoe on the water or other land-based activities etc) and there is not sufficient internet access to support a live connection with your students, we advise you to gather very short clips (max 2 minutes) to have on hand in advance of your live session, so that you can share short videos or even photos and make reference to the footage during your session. Q: Will someone be able to help me share my media with the students? A: The Connected North staff will be able to help show your media with the students. Please discuss any media requirements with the Connected North staff member who will be facilitating your session. Q: What types of sessions can be delivered virtually? A: Session delivery can range from an "expert" session to a "virtual field trip" of a museum or special location or "demonstration" of a concept, experiment or process. The most important aspect of the session will be the interaction with the students and class. Expert Session: An expert session is led by an individual or organization, for example, a pilot connecting with a class who is learning about flight. The expert would provide the students with information about their field, supported by photos, videos, interactive surveys or other ways to engage the students in an immersive presentation. There is time allotted during the session for student discussion, questions and conversation. An expert session should have a duration of 30-45 minutes. VIrtual Field Trip: A Virtual Field Trip is an opportunity for a class, or several classes to virtually visit a site, such as a museum, gallery, aquarium, sports facility etc. During the virtual field trip, the students can be engaged in a tour of the facility, with either a live tour with photos and videos of prominent areas of the area. Students can be engaged in questions or discussions during or aer the tour. There are many factors to be considered while planning a Virtual Field Trip: how will the presenter be connected to the Telepresence unit (WebEx), audio, other guests in a public place, wifi connections, multiple presenters. The usual duration for a Virtual Field Trip is 45 minutes to an hour. 14

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