Create to Learn Unit 2, Lesson 5: Actor's Kit

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Lesson 5: Actor's Kit (Jimmy Blais) CREATE TO LEARN Lesson 5: Actor's Kit (Jimmy Blais) ACTIVATE: IMPROV GAMES To begin this lesson, inform students that they are going to practice their improvision skills by playing a series of improv games. Improv is an important aspect of the acting world as it builds skills in active listening, the ability to tell a story and being a team player. Start with one game and play it until the group gets the hang of it. Then, move on to the next game. Improv Catch: RULES: All students move about the space in random patterns. The teacher starts by throwing an imaginary red ball to one of the students, making eye contact and saying, "red ball". That student catches the ball, then still moving about the space, throws the imaginary red ball to another student, making eye contact and saying, "red ball". This imaginary ball stays in play for the entire game. The teacher then periodically throws new imaginary balls into play – the teacher may toss an imaginary yellow ball to another player, making eye contact and saying "yellow ball". If a student receives a yellow ball, that is the ball they pass to another student. If a student receives a red ball, then they pass that ball to another player. The teacher or a designated student is the only one allowed to add new imaginary balls into play. Every few seconds add other colours or get creative (eight ball, bowling ball, debutante ball, foul ball, high ball, Lucille Ball etc). It is the responsibility of the student throwing the ball to make sure it is caught so making eye contact with the receiver is extremely important to ensure that the ball is not lost. After several minutes, ask them to stop and hold up their arm if they have a ball (or both arms if they have more than one ball). Call out the colours/kinds of balls you introduced to see if they kept track of them all. If more than one student indicates they have one of the colours/ Lesson Plan CURRICULUM CONNECTIONS Alberta, Northwest Territories and Nunavut • Visual Composition • Audio/Video • Communications 10,11 and 12 British Columbia and Yukon • Drama 12 • Film and Television 11 • Film and Television 12 Ontario • Drama, 10 • Media Arts, 10 DURATION 2-3 Hours OVERVIEW Throughout this lesson, students will practice preparing for auditions by engaging in a series of improv games. Students will then put their acting and video editing skills to action by creat- ing an audition tape including a self-tape, video demo reel and audio demo reel. MATERIALS • "Self-Tape and Demo Reel Peer Assessment" Rubric. CREATE TO LEARN Unit 2: Photography, Filming, and Acting

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