Create to Learn Unit 2, Lesson 4: So You Wanna Be an Actor?

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Lesson 4: So You Wanna Be an Actor (Anna Lambe) CREATE TO LEARN Lesson 4: So You Wanna Be an Actor (Anna Lambe) ACTIVATE: INDIGENOUS REPRESENTATION IN THE MEDIA HISTORICAL REVIEW To begin this lesson, inform students that they are going to watch a series of tv and movie clips (past and present) showing stereotypical portrayals of Indigenous people. These shows were mainly created by non-Indigenous writers and in some cases even have non-Indigenous actors playing the roles of Indigenous peoples. After each clip is shown, ask the class the following questions: 1. Who do you think the target audience is? *Target audience refers to a particular group at which a film or tv series is aimed. Example: Young Children 2. What stereotype of Indigenous people is being portrayed? 3. How could this stereotype affect the treatment of Indigenous people? 4. Is any other group negatively portrayed? How so? 5. What is your overall reaction to this clip? Lesson Plan CURRICULUM CONNECTIONS Alberta, Northwest Territories and Nunavut • English Language Arts 10-1 • English Language Arts 20-1 • English Language Arts 30-1 British Columbia and Yukon • Composition 10 • New Media 10 • Composition 11 • New Media 11 • Composition 12 • English Studies 12 • New Media 12 Ontario • English Grade 10, Academic and Applied • English. Grade 1, University and College Prep • English, Grade 12 University and College Prep DURATION 2-3 Hours OVERVIEW Throughout this lesson, students will learn about the evolving role of Indigenous people in film and tv from stereotyped caricatures in movies and television produced by non-Indig- enous people, to Indigenous-produced media today. Students will be exposed to various examples of Indigenous stereotypes in movies and television throughout history while dis- cussing the harmful effects of these stereotypes. Next, students will learn from Anna Lambe while comparing media written, produced and acted by Indigenous people. MATERIALS • Computer and Projector to show the class video clips • "Self-Assessment Rubric" Handout • "Editorial Rubric" (optional) CREATE TO LEARN

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