#Decarbonize 2020 Global Youth Report

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5. CONCLUSION "The amazing thing about youth is we have imagination, creativity beyond our years—but while it is beyond our years, it is also specific to our generation" Nyla, 14, UK. Children and young people have been fighting for change across the globe, fighting for a better tomorrow. Although policy- making relies heavily on governments, youth will always be essential to this process, and we are asking to be considered as vital stakeholders. The meaningful participation of youth around the world can create change to rival what we see in our climate. Our own assets could be used to benefit our environment and the generations to come. Support from governments and institutions has been invaluable in what we have already done, and we want to continue creating change together. We all have different outlooks on how to tackle this issue—what brings us together is our advocacy for this crisis. Advocacy capitalizes on everything we youth can do. It focuses on how we can hold the government accountable, our responsibility to create the better world we all wish for, and spread our message worldwide. The active participation of youth in all aspects of policy- making is essential to let adults know that even when we are youth, we can make a change in our society. By educating more global citizens, we can ensure that all youth have the ability to spark conversations and ignite change. We deeply believe that with passion for long-term transformation in legislation, strong power to fight for our environment, and the active leadership to move forward, making the Earth a better place will no longer be just a slogan, but a truth that we live every day.

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