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S O N G W R I T I N G 1 0 1 81 When you're recording both vocals and instrumentals at the same time, sing directly into the microphone recording your vocals and point the other microphone towards the middle of your guitar and place it a little further away than your vocal mic. Proper mic placement gives you more options for post-production mixing. You can mix in other instruments or vocals from collaborators to round out your sound and make music with your friends and family. With these tips, recording a demo of your song doesn't have to be complicated and you don't need a lot of expensive equipment to get started. Good luck making your demo! LESSON 8 Evan was part of a band called Single Mothers which was signed to a record label called XL recordings. He and his band recorded an album and travelled the world performing music, which he considered to be an amazing feat as a kid from a small reserve in North- ern Ontario. They recorded a 12 inch LP in Los Angeles, California. He loves engaging with emerging artists and welcomes people to reach out to him to discuss music and songwriting and breaking into the industry. With these insights, you should be able to get a start on writing your first song.

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