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C R E A T I N G D I G I T A L M E D I A O N A B U D G E T 17 LESSON 4: FILM "Film allows us to communicate our thoughts, feelings, messages, current events, and works of art out to the masses." In this lesson, Diana explains how she used free film editing software to create some of the very first Rudegang videos. Just like photography, videography has become more accessible with the arrival of the smartphone. No longer exclusive to Hollywood insiders, making videos is something that can be done easily by everyday people. Here are some things you can do with film: • Create meaningful content that has a positive impact • Connect with clients, friends, family, and supporters • Event promotion • Music Sharing • Share about upcoming opportunities "Whatever your communication goals may be, film and video creation are certain to be your most reliable and effective means of reaching your audience." You don't need a big, expensive video camera or DSLR, your smartphone can work just fine, too. If you do need something high tech, look into local camera rental so you don't have to buy all the equipment yourself. GoPro led panels or a DSLR can be rented weekly at a relatively low cost. Once you have shot your video, you can edit it in free software like: • Blender • Shotcut • Imovie • Davinci Resolve These free options can help you edit, colorize and soundmaster. Paid options like Final Cut Pro 10, Premier Pro or any other high end video editing software offer much higher quality definition, color, and rendering. Once again, don't forget to take advantage of YouTube tutorials to learn how to use all this great software. Now that you know the basics of what digital media is, what you can do with graphic art, photography and film, you're ready to make low cost art all by yourself. There are so many ways to learn these digital skills online through free tutorials so not having a budget doesn't have to hold you back from making digital magic.

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