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D I A N A H E L L S O N 14 LESSON 1: WHAT IS DIGITAL MEDIA AND WHAT CAN IT DO? " Whether you're trying to promote your work or take over the world, having some working knowledge of digital media is definitely going to come in handy." Some of the earliest known media in history are the last cave paintings and print media. Digital media has had such a broad and complex impact on society and culture and has caused innovative disruption in many fields of communication. These are some examples of digital media: • instructional and educational videos and apps • advertisements • Music videos • public service announcements • video games These are some ways people have used media to reach their goals: • Historical preservation • Getting elected to public office • Event promotion Keep following along for great tips on how to reach your goals with digital media. It doesn't have to be expensive and you don't have to be an expert to do it! LESSON 2: GRAPHIC ART AND DESIGN "Graphic art is what you get when art meets visual communication and communication design." In this lesson, Diana Hellson talks about how she utilized free software to create works for herself and a variety of other artists. Graphic art has so many applications, from street signs to promotional content or deeply symbolic art pieces. It can also look like album cover art or poster art, logos, branding, or illustrations. MEDIA: the communication outlets or tools used to store and deliver data or information

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