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INDUSTRY Industry is the backbone of our society, powering our economies. However, while striving for exponential economic growth, our way of life has been overcome by linear consumerism, and created an environment where ethics appears nonexistent. Because of this, many corporations see no reason to create products that are reusable or recyclable when single-use materials are much cheaper. In addition, most of the energy we use is obtained through fossil fuels. The burning of them makes up 76% of all CO 2 emissions in the USA, and heavily contributes to increasing ocean and global temperatures, ocean acidification, and rising sea levels. As well as the terrible effects of fossil fuels, these resources are finite and if these were to run out an economic collapse would be inevitable. To avoid this, we, representing youth under 18 from around the world, urge a switch to renewables. In the switch to renewables resources, many companies will inevitably experience a loss in revenue, thus leading to an increase in unemployment and a decrease of population wellbeing. To combat this economic recession, it will be vital that governments of countries with fossil fuel productions retrain as many of the workers in those businesses, so that they will be able to work in the production of renewable energies instead. Consumers also need to be educated on the importance of buying sustainably, when they have the choice. Calls to Action: • Develop a global organization that labels products with a specific certification that allows consumers to easily recognize products that are manufactured with a standard of sustainable/ "green" supply chain • Governments to implement an incentive for companies to take climate responsibility, such as a carbon targets that when reached allow for opting- out of a carbon tax. • Governments create a program to gradually retrain workers in fossil fuel industry so they can have jobs in renewable energy. Page 10

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