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CONCLUSION "A policy that requires the education of Climate Change would be a game-changer as it will awaken the minds of the youth," Carlos, student, Colombia. By now it should be clear to you that youth are urging you to take immediate climate action. In this paper, we have outlined the four areas in which we see it most vital that climate action is taken. Our planet is like our bodies, the oceans are the lifeblood that keeps it all in circulation. The forests are the lungs that allow it to breathe. The industry is the backbone that makes it stand tall and proud. Lastly, representation, like our muscles, is vital if we are to have the strength to do anything. Without any one of these components, our body would collapse. If we don't take care of any one of these vital parts of our world, we will destroy ourselves. While we acknowledge that we are not yet educated enough to become climate scientists, we are wise enough to see that something has to change in the world's approach to this climate crisis. What we want you to take away from this white paper may not be our exact solutions to the mentioned problems, but the spirit with which those ideas were written. We want you, like us, to debate possible solutions to the problems, instead of debating commas and colons. The legacy of your generation depends on what decisions you make for our generation today. Make sure your legacy is not one of debates a n d d i s a g r e e m e n t s , b u t o n e o f agreements and action. Youth are rising. We need you to rise with us. We need your action to fight the climate crisis! Page 17

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