Decarbonize Decolonize 2018 Paper

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#Decarbonize:#Decolonize CONCLUSION Together, we need to take action as soon as we can to combat the impacts of climate change. These effects are accelerating in speed and disproportionately impacting Indigenous peoples. Concurrently, we would like to provide the required space for the Indigenous voices of the world to elevate to a position of equity. We must learn to appreciate nature and then passionately care and fight for the environment. But to be honest the best part about learning from nature, is that there is this moment of peace, when you close your eyes and are just surrounded by nature. Its beautiful, calming, peaceful and blissful." Sunayna, United States of America‚Ä® The main themes to take away from this paper are to educate and motivate to the best of your abilities; involve everyone in taking action (including yourselves); and incorporate the knowledge of the Indigenous and the passion and creativity of the youth in policy making (specifically about them and the environment). Justice cannot be achieved until we realize that the impacts of, challenges to, and links between decarbonizing and decolonizing are complex. There isn't one solution, but a requirement for multifaceted action. Diversity is a strength, not a weakness. There is a second chance in unity, leaving the answer in your hands, quite literally. This paper has the potential to save the world. The future starts now. What will you do? www.decarbonize.me

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