Decarbonize Decolonize 2018 Paper

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empower the voices of the youth and Indigenous we can reverse the effects of colonization and only when we incorporate those perspectives into our action can we combat climate change. Carbon tax is a fee imposed on the usage of carbon-based fuels including coal, oil, and gas. This type of tax would be beneficial in eliminating much of the cause which climate change enacts on our planet. By implementing a universal law which limits the amount of carbon each country is permitted to emit each year, worldwide carbon emissions can slowly decrease as each country contributes to part of the cause in discharging less and less carbon yearly. The success of implementing a universal Carbon Tax would be determined if governments and companies alike are discouraged to use carbon because of the fee and would move instead to cleaner energy sources like solar, wind, and geothermal among others. Nevertheless, a carbon tax would not stop climate change by itself, it would need a boost from other policies. Yet, this universal law would be a regulator and a motivator. It would regulate us to avoid crossing the line of abusing our natural resources and motivate us to look into more eco-efficient processes. Lisa Ndegwa, Kenya www.decarbonize.me

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