Decarbonize Decolonize 2018 Paper

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#DECARBONIZE:#DECOLONIZE PROLOGUE This paper is the culmination of work done by over thousands of students from 28 countries, in partnership with The Centre for Global Education, TakingITGlobal, Ocean Wise, Polar Bears International, and UNESCO ASPnet. Interacting asynchronously on a virtual classroom platform, students from around the globe came together to discuss climate change and decolonization as concepts that revolved in a complex relationship. From each of the 28 countries involved, students exchanged ideas through art, blogs, and video conferences, debating and discussing what should be done about climate change through the Talanoa framework with a focus on the Indigenous lens. Through our collaborations, we found that even in our diversity, climate change is impacting everyone. Power structures, in addition to the oppression of voices created through decolonization, presented themselves differently in each country, and yet are universal. The cumulative event of the project concluded when youth delegates from the different global lead schools around the world collaborated to represent and resonate the voices of the youth in their respective countries. Throughout this project, we discussed our views on what the definition of the terms "Indigenous, equity, decolonize, and decarbonize'' mean to us. We understand that the definition of Indigenous is different for every individual, group, community, and country. So we acknowledge that we will not come to a consensus about the definition of Indigenous. It is important to keep this term ambiguous because that is actually what makes it so powerful. It is a part of a person's identity and yet it is a wide term that can fit many different people or groups. Instead of patronizing Indigenous peoples and communities, or assuming that an outsider knows what is best for "them," we should work with, alongside - making space for voices, needs, and knowledge. This means that we all need to work together with Indigenous peoples to further climate discussions. www.decarbonize.me

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